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Studying Pharmacy in Australia - Pharmacy Australia

Pharmacy is a great career for those interested in science and health care. It is a highly specialised field that provides a secure and fascinating career path and offers a wide range of prospective workplaces.
Pharmacy is a competitive course to get into as it demands high Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) scores and tertiary entrance rank. The Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four year course and centres around the following four core areas: Medical chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy practice. In the later years of the course students will have to complete a practical component which may involve work in hospital and community pharmacies. Soon to become more popular will be the Post Graduate Diploma of Pharmacy.

Where to Study Pharmacy in Australia

Click on the University links below for an overview of their pharmacy courses:

Australian Capital Territory

University of Canberra

Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University

New South Wales

Charles Sturt University
University of Newcastle
University of Sydney


Griffith University
James Cook University
Queensland University of Technology
University of Queensland

South Australia

University of South Australia


University of Tasmania


La Trobe University
Monash University

Western Australia

Curtin University
University of Western Australia